Weather for Japan Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Review: Weather Underground Storm App

Weather Underground today released Storm (free with in-app purchase), a new iOS weather app that could replace a handful of apps on your favorite iOS device. The app gives warnings of nearby...

eWeather HD - Weather Forecast Premium App Review for iPhone

Presented By: eWeather HD is an extremely detailed weather application for the iPhone which presents you with the weather forecast for five days straight in your...

AccuWeather Platinum - Weather for Life iPhone & iPad review

A review of AccuWeather Platinum - Weather for Life for iPhone and iPad. is a site dedicated to promoting apps which do not have any in-app purchases. Please visit the site http://www.n...

The Economist for Android

Phil gets a look at The Economist's magazine application for Android tablets.

Survival Tips: Free apps you'll need in Japan!

Heya! Apps save my life in various ways all the time, and with so much incredible technology at our fingertips all the time, it's important to make use of it! So here are 5 of my favourite...

Fishing And Smartphones, Best Combo Ever?

Here's a list of the best fishing apps and how to protect your smart phone while on the water. The LifeProof Nuud and Lifeproof Life Jacket are a tech-savvy angler's best friends!

This Bat Locator App Will Make You a Citizen Scientist

Citizen scientists who voluntarily collect and record data on bats, birds, frogs or other animals, have a new tool from a Boston-based company, Wildlife Acoustics, for finding bats. Video...

How to download Alexa App outside US Canada

Update: You can buy the Amazon Echo in Canada Now. See this link here You can also download the Alexa App!! How to install Alexa App if you're outside the US like...

Weather4D App with Tidetech integrated

Snapshot of Tidetech currents in Weather 4D for iPad. Animated sequence with optimal routing on display.

What's On My iPhone

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